Fundraise With FoodieCards!

Fundraising with FoodieCards is a great way for clubs and organizations to raise money.

FoodieCards make great stocking stuffers! With the holidays approaching . FoodieCards are a unique gift idea for friends, family and co-workers.

FoodieCards Fundraising

Our process for is really simple:

  • FoodieCards retail for $30 per deck.
  • Your profit is $10 – $12 depending on the quantities sold.
  • FoodieCards can be consigned to you with no up-front cost. With that you don’t pay for the decks until they are sold.
  • Your own web page at so you to sell the cards online. We will fill and ship the orders and credit you for each sale.  Customers just pay a small shipping charge.
  • We can also create marketing materials including flyers, order forms and parent or member letters.


Please fill out your information to get started.

FoodieCards deals out over $500 in value at over 56 amazing local restaurants in your City.


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